Yesterday was super happening.. Can't even have our Sunday nap.. Wake up to church then lunch and come back get change to orchard collect my buy then try to shop for my sport attire .. Ya we decide to hit the gym.. But before that I need to get myself a set of nice sport outfit.. I'm crazy I know that wht friend scold me.. I don't even know how many times I'll go but I'm insist to buy full set some more .. Tat day she acc to tried out a few everything look not bad and quite amaze with myself

Haha coz I never see myself in this kinda outfit mah.. Sua gu
Then I try try try look very happy of all of it and I decide not to buy..
My friend ask why ler? Very nice what.. Then I say I forget my sport shoe is white and grey I need to find something matchy! Haha she wanna kill me I know.. So till today I still din manage to find something I found matchy or nice ler meaning I never went to gym yet! Super failed! Haha
I tell my mum, she say is ok slowly find la!

Wear nice nice exercise oso happy mah! Hahaha laugh die me.. She say I have her gene! Super supportive this mother! You know coz why she have good range of Zumba outfit, sport attire with matchy top and bottom.. And numerous sport shoe to match! Haha she went exercise like fashion show! Don't say her work outfit is even 夸张 sometimes she steal my sis clothes to wear too! Haha But never steal mine coz I sure let her wear so she just take.. But my sis don't let anyone touch her stuff so steal lo

Ya back to my mum sport attire, her collection full till other Aunty oso wanna buy from her.. But she don't want coz she don't like everyone wear some clothes haha.. So cute! Speaking of her make me miss her even more

Okie after quick shopping we went to meet bingda and Winnie at escape room and met new friends too! The game is super hard.. But it was fun..

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