Recreate pre-wedding photos

This Anniversary we decided to do something different yet similar 
since we are in Singapore so we came out of this ideas to have a day trip at USS coz his didn’t really have time to enjoy the ride there so why not recreate my pre-wedding photos too!
the 3 attempts that i think is ok..the rest are not so good
but its a good memory! we hope of 5th year we will have our baby joining the shoot! 
and having all of the photos hang in our future house..
2 years passed so fast! our love have grown stronger and mature with God blessing!
we figure the best way to live together as a family.. as a lover and as a friend to each other..
we go thru a lot this 2 years.. we stay with family learning how to adapt yet having own family, we separate for 1 month due to work, we start up our own business, and now left home and work in Singapore..we really don’t know what is waiting in future for us…i hope we have stronger faith to walk together as one..
sometimes i do wonder and doubt God’s plan but each lesson I gain valuable experience and lesson
Thanks b …love you

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