Slept till 12 and wake up with migraine! Spoil my Saturday.. Suppose to go collect my online purchase stuff from town then go to flea with friend then go video shoot with hubby for client but this migraine just don't leave me alone.. Every time I feel like vomit when I'm having migraine.. After I vomit it's will be gone!!
Can't wait to vomit it out! , never so excited to vomit.. After migraine here come mensis..
Call off all the plan stay at home lay in bed do some laundry and the sims.. 😖

Why my Saturday so drama!!
I guess God want to rest at home rather than running out.. 🙂

Ootd to work on Thursday crochet top, denim short and white platform.. Ya we have this casual to work.. And I love it buy I run out of ideas what to wear on weekend tho.. All clothes is wore on weekdays and each week I give myself a rule to only wear 2 new clothes and match it with old stuff! Haha

Can't wait to go to church tml!! Craving for God word I've been very tired at work..really need to recharged, We still haven't figure what to serve in this church tho.. Coz it's quite a small family church.. We're still trying our best to get to know more people in church.. Maybe we should try to attend more lesson or meeting ..

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