Recap Saturday!
Another week at work ended!! Manage to go home quite early everyday coz I bring work home..

We went for steamboat on Tuesday to celebrate our colleague birthday, actually average in our company are really young.. From22 to 34..I'm consider the older one..

And we have press session over the birthday girl

Epic pictures of jasmine.. The silent laughter.. She's a really cute n sweet girl..

A pictures of the self praise king who always say stupid joke n ride word! Haha but he did bring laughter to us lar

Oh ya hubby bring me to this jap food restaurant on anniversary
It was so so good!!! Beef was so good n tender and I found my love of this bow of seaweed soup n rice which I dunno wht the name!! So my thing I can hv it everyday n so healthy! And they sushi is awesome too especially foie gras sushi! Bit pricey but food are good so it worth!

Then blogged about my experience with this miracle serum..

Then google hangout actual day!! It's was a success! And finally it's over!

And self claim souvenir from google! Till we meet again!

GSS sale! It's doesn't apply to me.. I just realize all the items I bought this 2 months are not discount a single cent! Failed! But lucky I got some for hubby this jean from pull &bear we saw it in April at 69sgd then may discounted to 49gsd! Guess how much we brought on June! 29sgd!! So cheap!! And got him lotsa palm tree tee at great deal too!

Then is my turn for this month!! Went shopping with these 2 girls! We have so much fun!! And editor market my fav place is always good to visit with friends coz of their tier discount system! We save so much! Haha

Stuff we brought!! Spend money here is in sg less guilty brought 4 tops for only 80+ while in my 80 I normally get 1 1/2 stuff with such design n quality some more hv to buy online coz you just can't find any retail with affordable prize with nice design!

N favorite outfit of the week from reverie store! Received a few good comments from colleague and even dr Georgia!
I dress up to work everyday.. N become one if the motivation for me to go work! Really wish to hv ootd shoot everyday tho..
Today gonna do some work at home them go one way tix video shoot in the evening n prepare for BBQ gathering tomorrow after church! Another happening Weekend..

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