I don't get it why this guy always in bright sun lighting every pictures! His face so reflective hahah let me show u

Proof 2!

Proof 3 got flare some more this one .. all shoot in different location

I have our anniversary photo taken yesterday at USS.. Most of you should be seeing it fb already we're trying to recreating the prewedding photo we took 2 years ago.. 🙂 it's was fun n memorable hope we can do it again in 5 years then 10 years anniversary with our kids!

One of the pictures, so regret din get my root done before the shoot!
Will post more photo in my blog once I got the editing done..

Yesterday was good! We get to go for most of the ride and extra time for kiddy ride too, love to being childish with him!! it's my 4th times there tho.. but each trip is with diff person n purpose so it's good.. I don't mind to go again with friends..

And some tourist photo we took..love this pictures the photos we look so happy

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