Another different day at work! So thankful for each opportunity!! We went google office today! The legendary workplace! It's so awesome! Private cafe for free food, private barista and snack bar! Arcade and many more that we din got to visit today! So amazed! We are there for test run on google shoppable hangout event for drgl skincare.. 1st in south east Asia!

After the event I have some spare time to go shopping at orchard than another department event.. Super eventful day! Why everyday not like this! Our boss send us to de stress! She though we have designer painting help us de stress so she made appointment at arteastique for canvas painting..and tea session

Let me take a selfie first.. While waiting my colleague send me photos of us painting and our final outcome..
Out of topic this hair not back ler every now n then got strangers will stop me and tell me my hair is pretty, nicely perm..There's this time me n hubby was having waffle at a dessert place while we are queue there this girl keep staring at me.Make me feel very uncomfortable la then hubby also notice and check on me if something on my face or I forget to unzip or wht

Then she came up to me and ask is my curl permanent or temporary.. Coz it's really nice tat why she keep staring at me..and ask how I curl it.. It's awkward tho coz many others was looking at her 'interview' me..

Me and my ugly canvas!! Haha it's been more than 8 years I touch canvas painting!! I'm not good at drawing/painting.. So I draw this grumpy women express I'm feeling grumpy and stress up at painting and our boss wanted to hang our canvas in the office so it's better to have something related to our company so there a lipstick and hair curler.. I know it's turn out disaster.. So embarrass to bring it to office tomorrow! How!?! Actually there should be a quote but I give up!

But I quite like this place.. The music is good.. Food and drink is ok too..a canvas with Painting tools plus a drink cost 48 and Wednesday is ladies night so 38 but painting is not my thing so maybe no next time.. Hehe


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