See I tell you I went shopping everyday before I go home.. But today I have my colleague with me.. We had four finger for dinner! Love it!! I never like fried chicken that much!
Ok ootd full white..
Eyelet top:: Editor Market
Short:: taobao
Eyelet flat:: Bangkok
White backpack:: editor market

Have been bringing this backpack to work these 2 days lotsa ppl commented I look like kindergarten kids.. Haih I know I'm short..

Brought something back today.. Only 1 bag is mine.. Kinda like this shop..Stradivarius they stuff are quite affordable and nice!

And 2 bag from editor market last week! I'm still under budget.. Ya hubby give me some budget on I can control myself bit..

today #ithankgod for lovely colleague Jessie who I can hang out with after work for dinner or shopping.. She is so funny and always caring!

Tired face.. Nowadays I sleep so early!! 1130!! Kelian hubby have to go to bed with me tho he might not sleepy..Coz we already have the habit of sleeping at the same time since we got married.. And I cannot have light on..

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