Thanks for liking my last post! Perhaps it's my highest liked post and comments! Thanks for the words and encouragement!! Haha sound like I just win an award huh..
Btw thanks you very much!
Today #ithanksgod for leaving office earlier and hubby too (which is rare coz now is his peak period) so we meet in the mall and have 鼎泰丰 queue here also crazy but today we are early so we can queue.. Not much different from m'sia one tho but they have 蒜泥白肉here which I don't rmb msia have it in the menu

It's so good! We fall in love with this dish when hubby work in Taiwan last time..

Nothing special happen at work today.. Just as busy as usual.. I din got up from my seat till 3 I got my lunch dapao by colleague so I eat at my desk and work like cow! Haha.. Times flies~~ by the time I realize I need to go toilet is already 430!

Oh ya last week I start this route to work which I hv to stop by orchard everyday.. So now every night before I head home I just can't help myself strolling the mall check out shops..
Some more GSS now! Discounts everywhere!!!! The top that I hv been search after I saw it once with Cathy n never see it again.. I keep giving myself reason to go zara to find this top! Haha I know I can actually ask SA to trace which outlet hv it but I never want to do it..Maybe deep in heart I don't really wAnt it


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