Today I work with pretty flowers! So glad to be back in deco jobs! Did one with colleague last Thursday for company event then today my friend hired me to do his wedding decoration…so honor! He believe me.. And just let me handle everything! Despite my busy work schedule pass 2 month I din update him anything at all! Haha he paid me and I just buy whatever I can..and I have no time to plan or draft anything …super irresponsible I know but work kill my time!

My favorite flower! This species is expensive one.. The flower bloom nice and full and each stalk is fill with pretty furball!
So last few day only I manage to designed the printing material like name tags, table numbering card, signages .. And my printer keep giving me problem till yesterday (so last min) it's fixed! Thanks God!!!!
Everything is printed and today before we head to wedding venue I rush to few shop to get all fees thing purchased!

That's me at work! I look super stress at work.. Few friends commented it before.. I know but I just can't help to control my expression.. I just wanna get everything done in time and to the best… Btw the wedding theme color is peach, green and brown and touch of vintage.. I suggested this theme tho.. Always wanted to do this …I love garden wedding deco!

Amount of stuff I brought.. Thanks to my sister for helping me with purchasing too.. Love her! So that's me try to sort out stuff coz all the boxes are still seal..and I never seen those stuff before so scare any of them broken in box.. But everything is in good condition and good quality too! Thanks God x2!

Luckily we have helpers (friends of bride who came earlier to help) Thanks God x3 for them! They help me with some craft stuff.. Next time if I do full time wedding decorator I'll help indo maidssssss to help me.. Coz I just can't do everything by myself..

And my partner shuwan (wedding photographer of the day) and her hubby are there to help me! I realize so many things I can thanks god for in one day! I think I'm gonna start my next following dayre with at least one thing #ithanksgodfor 😆

Okie back to the topic who wanna see today wedding deco outcome?

Thanks for feedback! Here the main set up for long table.. Each table have 1 center pieces with candle..:) apple is the door gift which gives a bright and happy mood into the whole set up

Center pieces

Each table have the table numbering tag and name label so guest will can find their seat easily

Part of reception table ..

How it look at night! The lighting is perfect and candle cover is major love!! The best purchase ever! It's create really romantic environment! We have 3 different sizes that place randomly at 15 table

Signage Display at the entrance

Thanks for this challenge.. Actually there's few enquiry to one way ticket for wedding deco throughout the year.. But I'm timid and less confident wedding deco always seems to be a huge challenge to me.. That I think I can't make it and don't want to ruin people wedding till I hv this chance doing deco for a friend that give me huge encouragement tell me how he love my art scene and believe me give me confident to accept this projects..

I'm really thankful that I have many chance and meet brave people who give me opportunity to try out new things be it website, pre-wedding shoot, commercial shoot and also wedding day deco!! Really thank you!!

And of coz my better half! Who always so supportive and my lifetime helper! Haha he help me A LOT yesterday without any complain tho is really tiring and exhausted!! You're awesome,hubby Ming

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