My signature pork rib
Hehe the only way I know how to cook the rib actually!!
Super easy to prepare also! Recipe by request 🙂 hehe

Thanks for requesting for recipe!

The actual name of this dish is
12345 排骨(pork rib)

Pork rib 600gm
1 tablespoon Chinese wine (I use 花雕酒)
2 tablespoon sugar
3 tablespoon vinegar
4 tablespoon soy sauce
5 tablespoon water

Now you know why it's named as 12345?

1、mix 12345 in a bowl

2、boil water and cook the rib till medium raw (outer park is white)

3、then drain the rib and put in new pot, pour 12345 and mix well then *big fire till the sauce is boiling

4. When it's boiling switch into *small fire and cook for 20min then big fire again till the sauce become thick and gravy

And voila! 🙂 there you go
@wasabicat @msk352 @purplelove @nicnic00

Actually anyone tried any recipe I share before? How was it!! Anyone? Please share!

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