Cow day!
Love this salad mixture.. Contain all my favorite vege for salad!
Added a egg and grapes with sesame dressing

Hubby is working today.. Kersian him but I'm not vy good also haha I'm working from home..rushing some photos for luxola new website and also one way tix moodboard for clients..:)

Speaking of cow day yesterday my cute colleagues was rapping this song "work like a cow! Work like a cow!" Repeatedly hahaha we burst into laughter! Coz our department really work like the cow!!! We was complaining last night why we so 命苦we always the last few who left the office at night, then we always the late one for lunch! Yesterday we had lunch at 3! Break record! When we are back others can high tea Liao! Hahaha
Actually not tat charm as compare to design agency and my ex-company

If compare to others colleague in different department in our company we and the it guys are very 命苦。

Coz the they really practice open holiday policy and free working hours(that what our company practice).. They come at 9 left at 4 onwards sometimes they work from home! But I never experience this ler, maybe I'm new..

But we look more happy and crazy at work lar especially most of them left we talk vy loud make fun of each other than talk nonsense.. If without them don't know how boring is

Jasmine, Gloria and me

3 flower!

Hopefully after another 2 months we will get used to the workflow and become more effective.. And learn to say no to last min request

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