Must post this picture my face is vy sharp here haha.. They don't look that sharp in real life tho..

This 2 months is gonna be crazy! Hubby is gonna be really busy with new movie, while me our company new website is gonna launch next month too!! Crazy lot of work to do!!! He is more kelian coz he will need to work OT till late (latest by1030!!) while for me not matter how late we will not stay later than 9..
For me work is still fun, we have so much laughter throughout the day..

Despite heavy workload we always find time to joke and make fun of each other's..

And we try to go off earlier for some chill session together, since I go home also alone so I can have some bonding time with them

Yesterday we had santouku ramen for dinner..

Then go for drink at this place I forget the name.. For buy 1 free 1 martini deals I'm going out with all girls so hubby always ok if I go out with them n so embracing me n my friends is wearing company tee everywhere! We look like fac worker.. And we have discount code at the back ppl also stare at us!

Is good marketing tho! I don't mind wearing it when I have wardrobe crisis in the morning

And most of the time I prefer go back have my alone time having fast food or simple dinner

I collected 2 of my fav hello kitty from McDonald

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