Okie today story about life of a design/art couple, in case you don't know hubby and I graduated in design school.. He major in film and animation while I taking Interface design major..
When ppl or colleagues ask me what my husband work as.. I'll tell them visual effect artist but most ppl dunno what that is but they always give me this response :: Wow art couple!
Actually not! Haha he is more of a technical person coz 3D required more technical knowledge and logic

And he really love firm and movie so he ended up being same department same company since he graduated! He always a loyal person!! Haha if his ex company don't went bankruptcy I think he will retired in that company oso! And that's the reason we are here in Singapore coz Malaysia have no such a company anymore since the only one from US got close down.. And Singapore only 2 similar company..
Yes industry is tough but he insist to chase after this for at least a few more years so I just follow

As for me I'm totally different from him, I don't stick with my job for long I love trying new stuff or you can say I'm 三分钟热度 I work as 3D artist modeling architectural building/houses but I found it too technical and required less art so I left than I join garment industrial being designer in marketing department.. If it's not the office politics I would have stay longer..then I do my freelance for 3 years which also my happiest moment so far.. Meanwhile handling onewayticket & reverie store

You must feel boring about all this.. But I love the fact that writing this down I realize how different are we as a couple.. God make us balance in many way!
Tho we are different we try to learn to support each other's to persuade dreams.. And everyone know designer don't make big money.. We don't earn much but we are happy at least at this point of life God gives us whatever we needed and more than what we deserved !

Oh ya study design is a tough journey too!Most of my friends include me, our parent are against this idea of us choosing design as major!My father was the one, he is chinaman minded and he is true also lar coz designer don't earn good salary than banker(as he is one) but my awesome mum don't care haha she is the one who register for me and send me to uni!she always so supportive! While my parent in law are ok with whatever their son choice haha include me they have nothing much to say or comment

Okie about hubby job we will get free movie when their product:movie is on the cinema the whole company will go for movie screening.. Whether you work on that show ornot you will get to join include spouse! Hehe good for me.. Yesterday we went for Godzilla, not bad ler! Haha I never watch or read comics before so I quite like the idea of Godzilla saving the world and being the hero! Sorry for spoiler..
The company don't produce the movie tho they just provide visual effect into the movie..

So before the movie the bosses will give some thanking speech than throughout the movie they will suddenly cheer when the part of their work showing and they will wait till the movie end for credits till their name show..


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