Another tiring & exhausted weekend back in kl..
Sat whole day gone due to flight delayed then reach home for my mum hearty dinner!! Mum ask us to give her menu of what we miss to we order her signature double boil soup, steam spicy and sour pork rib, fish and vege.. So nice I ate 2 bowl of rice and finish big bowl of soup!! So good to home! So good to have mum who cook so well!

Then Sunday back to church for Sunday services worship God and meet our old friends.. Another home for us..and babysit my 干儿子for a while..bring him to Sunday school to be the youngest student in the class!!so fun!

Looking serious in the class! Haha

Sunday school scene…Hahaha I look terrible here like some fierce teacher pull student ear while shouting at another student.. Hahahha laugh die me!!
Actually not ok! I'm touching haohao ears coz he keep scratching his ear and giving hint to Naomi (opposite me) to answer teacher's question mouth open super big so she get the clue!! Haha I'm not torturing them k

And this boy got annoy of the class and start whining and screaming haha all the kids also lost focus on teacher but everyone looking at him.. Then teacher try to bribe him with puff puff (organic snack for kids) he's happy again..

Then after 5min he start screaming again.. Hahah is ok coz he still young so let him out and explore the classroom himself while making sure he don't put any unknown thing into his mouth ..
And this suspender I brought for him keep dropping from his shoulder guess is time to buy him new outfit he grow up too fast

Arh! No more puff puff!

Serious? No more? I want ler! *puppy eye*

I look hilarious here thanks for the paparazzi for taking photos when I spend time with this cutie pie

Activity of the day is crafting mother'a day present so they have to draw their hand shape,cut it out and draw their mummy face on it.. So I help haohao with his 1st mother day gift and give it to his mummy..

Last with princess Olivia..

I miss the kids and spending every Sunday with them teaching Sunday School

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