Remember I posted this pictures last week and ask anybody interested to guess wht inside? No one interested to know or guess tho.. Haha only @msbulat with vy good observation say it's not clothes coz of hard cover
I'm gonna revel wht is in this hard cover.. Coz I really love the product so good things must share

Tadaa!!! Triangl underwear!! I'm overjoyed when I received a mail from them telling me tat they wish to send me their products!!! Got to know them from triangl bikini from @bobostephanie review always wanted their bikini!! But I got no chance to wear no beach trip, no island getaway…
But I never know they have lingerie line till they email me to ask me choose bikini or lingerie happy I dunno how to response..or reply them..So I browse thru their lingerie collection

LUCIE – MARSHMALLOW & ISABEL-MARSHMALLOW caught my eye!!! But I love the panel design for Lucie so tat my final choice! I'm seriously thinking buying Isabel bra after receiving their bra.. Coz it's super lightweight and comfy!! Seriously coz I normally don't wear heavy sponge bra I found it hard to bring tho thin bra make me too extra flat! Haha coz no push up effect mah.. But comfy is always my 1st consideration when come to choosing bra..

no padded-checked,
light weight-checked
Design- awesome!!
So I love it very very much!

I don't dare to take pictures with this bra tho.. No nice body, n my husband wouldn't allow haha he don't want me to 献丑 haha so I place it nicely for product shoot… They look good no matter how I shoot it.. Thanks triangl!! I oso don't know why they approach me coz I hv no sexy photo in my blog haha but I'm very thankful!!! 😘😘

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