Super excited for this weekend and also next week!
I'm heading home for 4 days then back for work on Wednesday then go Batam on Thursday and Friday meaning I'll b only work for 1 day next week!! Awesome awesome!!!
But feel little guilty coz I'll need my colleague to help me a bit on my work.. But I'll try to work from home lar.. See how.. So many gathering with family and friends coz is Mother's Day and also hubby birthday I have no plan for him tho)..

My workstation! Don't get me wrong from yesterday post arh. I love love my job!! Haha not tat my boss or anyone is reading my dayre but for the time being I like what I'm doing now in the company the task assigned to me is more than design but understand customer behavior as I'm handling the email marketing i realize it's such a huge knowledge behind this! Not just blast email to ur database but a lot more.. Coz our company hire lotsa social marketing expertise and analytist from oversea

So I have a lot to learn and I'm sure this will be very helpful for my future..

Another things I love about my job is dealing with make up/skincare/beauty stuff everyday!!! We have more interesting brand coming in!! Especially Korean brand!! We can't wait for the launch! Next week we gonna have 1 of the famous brand go live with special discount some more!! And we ship to Malaysia with rm rate not conversion from sgd.. Which mean cheaper lar!
I brought Mother's Day gift from luxola for my Mum and mother in law hope they will like it and use it

Got my second parcel arrived in the office this morning! My lens supplier from glasses online get to know them when they approach me for advertorial then I become their customer since then
And so happen that day I am checking their site for my next months lens and the lens I normally wear is on sales! Like super sales! Sgd5 per box!!! So I faster grab 3 and free shipping some more!! 5×3=15 😱😱When I check back days after it have no longer that price but still on discount if u interested hehe

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