Start my day with a selfie today is a bad hair day! Wake up with ugly hair then curl it wrongly!! Dunno wht I'm doing! My hair look like glass and even worst than the hair I wake up with..

Nvm I'm still looking forward to go to work, coz today I'm gonna be doing something diff than siting infront of pc to rush design artwork.. Today I'm assist to be photographer for our company marketing event!

Is interesting coz we will be taking Uber's car around the city givingout goodies bag and provide manicure services and cupcakes! If you're in Singapore look for Uber beauty car!

Quite nervous coz It will be only me be the photographer for our company and so things to cover!

While I'm writing this I took a wrong train!!! Argh I'm gonna be late at work!

Parcel arrive at the office!
Anyone wanna guess wht inside??

Ok no one interested to guess is ok! Haha
Today lunch part 1 salad by my sweet colleague and detox Joyce from gorilla press (from the goodies bag) look very heathy right! Here come second part we order pizza delivery to the office to share.. I'm still full now!

Back to today event, is quite fun!
So I wonder should I switch department to marketing, coz organizing event and execute it seems fun to me..
Oh ya I never tell you where I work before right? I work at Luxola, anyone know about Luxola?
Basically is an e-commerce website selling over hundred brands of make up, skin care and beauty products! (Very hard sale)
Go visit when you feel like stocking up ur make up stuff! We always have good deals, promotion and discount code!

Haha where am I, I should be talking abt the event! Ok so pictures above are goodies bag we sending out in Uber car!

And our team is assigned to go Mediacorp!!! Oh my! I've been watching Mediacorp drama since young!! (I grown up in Jb) never thought I can visit this historical building before they moved!!
But too bad I din manage to saw any artist while we was there coz we are directed to radio building coz our target is fm98.7

Then makeup, manicure and hairstyle services is provide to the staff and boss in fm98.7

What is inside the goodies bag.. 🙂

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