Good morning!! Another normal working for me
Time passed so fast at work! I don't even have time to write or even read dayre! Which is good lar coz many things to do so I'll not get fired haha! Dunno why 3 of us (coz we join the company same time) keep thinking we will get fired soon! Coz normally such e-commerce company do not need so many designer.. Oh ya we have 5 designers in our department.. Which consider a lot..but after sometimes here we find the workload really fit 5 person..

So we safe our job! Haha and we are joining the offsite! Sorta Like a company trip at batam..ya is near and beach is meh.. But the villa look very nice.. So we're looking forward for it..
Glad that the company hire 3 of us together and we automatically become good friends in the office

Manage to come back home earlier so I cooked a simple soup also my favorite soup tat I Will always request my mum to cook when I'm young..
Very healthy soup mainly corn and various mushroom 🙂
Anyone want recipe? Hehe

Haha thanks!! Response not bad huh! Should I start a Blog with recipe? Like cooking with Aunty Kim or wht ? Jk btw I'm not pro in cooking tho i have my sifu aka my mum on the phone whenever I need to cook something new

Okie here you go
Recipe for Corn & Mushroom Soup
Anchovies, onion, fresh corn, shiitake mushroom, can mushroom, straw mushroom(all cut in cubes), egg white and you can also put chicken slice or pork slice prefer non-fat 瘦肉

1. Cook anchovies soup my mum way put anchovies into pan stir fry it till it's dry (water come from washing) then put little oil and put slice onion fry it till the smell come out (haha please bear with my broken English)

2. Then pour water (amount of soup that you wish to drink) into the pot and put step 1 into the water then boil it till the anchovies soup taste good

3. When the soup is boiling put the corn and all the mushroom in boil it for 15 mins.. Then throw any meat of your choice when the meat cook. Now place egg white into the soup (when it's boiling hot) taste the soup and put salt n paper according to your preference 🙂
Tadaa..3 steps 30min soup done!

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