Weekend is always fun and relax..
Coz we totally get rid of work.. Last few years when I'm freelance we do go out on and off but most weekend are occupied with freelance or onewaytix job.. Not complaining just try to appreciate this period of time more..:) w

Saturday the only 自然醒 and slumber day so I can take extra time to make up, do hair and dress up then we head to mall..

Cheap sushi fix! 1.5sgd per plate.. Not bad tho sashimi are fresh

This is our max amount of sushi 14.plates my last visit with colleague was 26 plate for 2 girls! Haha she is a sashimi lover ..

Shopping time! At my fav editor market again Saw few I like plan to visit next week with my friend so we can hv 6 pcs price..

Topshop croptop as inner and Reverie Store suspender skirt
Zara sandal & ASOS sling bag

Ended up without buying clothes but a new expensive toy..
To me is expensive lar.. Coz that suppose to our saving this month.. But now I guess saving start next month!
Sony mirrorless camera! Hubby always wanted one coz dslr always hard to carry around.. Actually I have phobia with sony camera coz my 1st 1st semi pro is sony my dad brought for me from sg too.. Haha it was a disaster I ended up borrow friend's camera for my photography class back in uni.. If not I think I'll fail tat subject

So over the years I never ever look at sony camera.. Canon always the first option then semi pro will be samsung but why we ended up buying this coz hubby did a lot of research and convince me with sony coz they are kinda top brand in mirrorless camera kingdom don't compare with Leica lar, he is king! haha and we have no money to buy the king back so yes Sony after 9 years! Ahaha ..you better be good!
Oh ya talk so much rubbish the model we get is SONY a6000 that replace with previous nex6

Very classy design we got the black one and with kit lens and another Lens E35mm (f1.8)
With wifi so transfer photo is super easy now! I'm so depend on it after we use our canon 6d wireless to transfer photo meaning instant update on instagram and dayre with great photo quality!

Since it's mirrorless so we will be able to change lenses.. If we got a adaptor then we can use our other party lens that normally use for dslr just tat this camera not full frame tho..
Will do a full review of this camera after we experiment more about the camera..
Yeah to nice photos…

But one thing I really wish to have a flip LCD camera so I can take selfie 😦

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