Lucky day

Today free meal at Marmalade pantry, I'm one of the lucky one who got to win voucher in the office..
Bad thing is voucher expire tml so we have to go tonight!!
So I tagged hubby along for dinner date

My date is here.. Paiseh thing is we will meet few other colleague who also win the voucher ..

My truffle mushroom risotto
awesome!!! I love it so much!! Tho is creamy and cheesy I finish while plate! Which vy rare!! Coz it's really good

Hubby's choice :: crispy pork belly
Which turn out nice too!!
Again no dessert coz we're too full after these main

Today buy a little gift(s) from my hard earn salary .. Marc Jacobs re(Marc)able full cover concealer! Heard so much rave about it and tried it few days ago at sephora vivo love the texture and after apply it's not those cranky type of concealer but my color sold out! Finally got it at ion orchard.. Can't wait to use it tml!


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