Home coming.. good friday is a public holiday in sg so we are back last night..
Is crazy!!! So many ppl coming back from sg and a lot of Singaporean spend thier long weekend here too..coz int passport queue in immgration is crazy..
Reached kl at 6am!! My bus was 1153pm! We spend 3 hour at the causeway
We decide to avoid this in future no coming home on long weekend..unless we got flight ticket..

Finally manage to go 76 for hairdo
Last booking was cancelled coz im cant make it back to kl
Darker shade shorter length
This time I opt for calvin coz of 50% discount!! Haha supper great deal and I think he is good…too bad the promo is ending soon
I am really planning to blog abt my experience with each stylists (total 5) in 76.. they are all good but im deciding which im gonna stick with for my future hair..hehe coz they each have diff style

How my new hair? Is first time in ny life I got such a long fringe!! I also tempted to cut it short or bang..so hard to go thru the 尴尬期
The color I have is call greige! Haha calvin creation is a mixture of grey and beige coz I cant decide beige base or grey base so he come out with this idea of mixing them together ..I quite like it hope the color wouldn't fade that fast
Kelian hubby waited me 3 hour coz I din manage to book his hair appointment 😦

Then come home reunion with sister tien for reverie latest collection photoshoot
Super like the quality of this collection! Cant wait to process the photo

Life back here is much interesting! Haha our schedule always pack! In sg I dont even have anything exciting to blog when I have time I just wanna rest my mind and just nua at home

And now im very free to blog coz I got my revenge back! Im waiting hubby to have his hair cut and wash…

each trip we have always have some crave! Is round my was banana leaf at nirvana!! Super awesome!!

Today is good friday also a time to reflect as a Christian coz Jesus was on the cross for us the sinner…
Looking forward for today service is really time for me to quiet myself before God count his blessing and repent after all the hectic lifestyle


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