9 to 5 lifestyle

finally i start working as full timer
no more sleeping late at night, wake up w/o alarm, random yumcha with friends at office hour
im gonna really miss the most enjoyable 3 years i had!
but i look forward too to start this new kinda lifestyle
especially i can have my own time every night after work and also weekend! no need to worry about work at all..
tho i still have freelance with me but that not the major focus now
oh ya i still work in One Way Ticket tho still doing the mood board part!
many thought i quit/leave, I’m not ok! is my baby.. 

whenever we are back to kl ill always go back to studio get thing organised and getting stuff prepared for the next project~

now i have to do is get use to the travel time to work
and 9 to 5 (actually i don’t really work that timing) lifestyle~

I’m running out of ideas to blog!
what you wish to read? gimme some ideas k~
comment button now moved to top 

14 thoughts on “9 to 5 lifestyle

  1. Hi Kim,

    I wish to read more about travel details post ^^
    like my insta comment, the HuaHin post is my fav post & alrd save the link as reference while travel to BKK.
    hahah ^^


  2. Hope you enjoy your new job and welcome to 9 to 5 lifestyle. Share more about your outfit of the day =) Would like know how you pair your outfit off to office. Looking forward for your new blog post. Cheers =)


  3. I like your new blog layout! so simple yet elegant! 😀
    Congratz on your new job Kim!
    Perhaps you can blog something like how to style our hair differently? hahaa cuz I really wish to know how you style your hair. Mind to share? ^ ^


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