Lucky day

Today free meal at Marmalade pantry, I'm one of the lucky one who got to win voucher in the office..
Bad thing is voucher expire tml so we have to go tonight!!
So I tagged hubby along for dinner date

My date is here.. Paiseh thing is we will meet few other colleague who also win the voucher ..

My truffle mushroom risotto
awesome!!! I love it so much!! Tho is creamy and cheesy I finish while plate! Which vy rare!! Coz it's really good

Hubby's choice :: crispy pork belly
Which turn out nice too!!
Again no dessert coz we're too full after these main

Today buy a little gift(s) from my hard earn salary .. Marc Jacobs re(Marc)able full cover concealer! Heard so much rave about it and tried it few days ago at sephora vivo love the texture and after apply it's not those cranky type of concealer but my color sold out! Finally got it at ion orchard.. Can't wait to use it tml!

Leisure Saturday.. As usual we spend our day at mall..
Today destination Vivo city

We spend super long time dealing with hubby's hair haha.. He just got his haircut last week but we found it so hard to style!!! We spend so much time wax it gel it then turn out really bad ended up he had to wash the hair all over again and style it again.. Haha disaster

Is dinner time already! We choose Jamie's Italian I think everyone come for Jamie Oliver name.. We love the ambient here.. Environment is good.. Well let see how's the food turn out

Deco here is awesome too..
Remember @cathykhu told me queue is crazy at dinner time so we came earlier at 6 for dinner..

Crab Spaghetti
Not bad but luckily I order appetizer portion coz I felt little jelak on my last few bite..:( im a small eater tho may not apply to u
Oh ya according to ladyironchef "pastas are made fresh in-house daily, and they are naturally one of the highlights. The best part is that they come in two portions – a smaller serving which is meant to be an appetiser, and the regular size as a main course – which gives you the option of getting more dishes for sharing."

Beef pennoni which is one of the today special.. Not bad.. Hubby like it, I find their pasta really taste diff vy chewy!!

We're so full after 2 pasta so we skip dessert..
Maybe we will come for next visit to try others.. But it's quite pricey so I guess only once a while

Okie end the night with shameless selfie 🙂 nitez all