Summary of this week..

Simple dinner..
Fried fish with soy sauce, chawanmushi, watercress soup with rice 🙂

I cook he wash dishes that our theory.. If I cook, wash and clean the kitchen I surely not be cooking so much! Thanks God for such a great dish washer..

Aunty visit
My essential for this period of time
Chocolate and 热热的姜母茶 from @cathykhu so so good!!! Thanks dear..
I find Yun ren seng 白鳳丸really good ler! Once I have it after this my next period will be very accurate! If I don't eat then it will come later and so unpredictable
Coz I depend on this app call iMensies (but no longer available in AppStore but monthly cycle oso not bad ) as my period tracker.. So I get period prediction there..supper convenient!

Fruit as lunch .. Accept strawberry all are sour! 😰
The lemon is for lemon water.. Haha I don't eat lemon like tat la

Then hubby suddenly want movie then home cooked dinner coz he finally can off earlier so we went to watch The Wind Risen by Studio Ghibli.. Ya he only watch cartoon, 3d animation movie in cinema.. The little kid in him also becoz of his job..

Dinner on Thursday night,
Roasted mushroom and asparagus, stir fly baby kailan and oven baked chicken drumstick
Yum yum yum most satisfied dinner coz my fav asparagus baked perfectly~

At airport yesterday heading back to kl for chingming

Tasty dinner at airport so happy that we get to find good and affordable food in airport..

Flying essential
Travel document and book.. Try to pick up reading rather than looking at the phone so much
Met a cute reader at airport too! Get to chat with her and glad know ppl reading my blog, Meifeng where is the photo we take yesterday?! Haha

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