Posted this on Instagram few days ago taken on my close friend also business partner wedding..
Her wedding is so touching.. We are in tears.. Know how she n Fai been thru and how diff are they and yet God made them one..and finally tied the knot.. And we just found out that day that Knowing each other for 10 years!! Uni till now 10 years!! Oh my I'm seriously feeling very old liao..
Really happy for them.. And enjoy how intimate the wedding was.. Just like casual gathering!

Both of us are always bz when come to friends wedding.. I'll do the deco and hubby will in charge of videography.. Seldom have chance for both of us holding hand witness wedding matrimony or take pictures together

Main Part of the deco .. Luckily we have a lot of helper this time!! Manage to set up and dismantle everything in vy fast speed! Love u ccfer!!! 😘😘

Is a blue theme wedding so every one come in blue outfit..
Bridesmaids are wearing convertible dress in 2 shade of blue from emcee couture!

Me and Kelly (oso my bridesmaids on my wedding) so regret din manage to catch up much with her 😭😭

My proudest artpieces with help from the brothers..

5 & 1 must live happily ever after yo~

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