My Mum's detox juice is always awesome! Haha I'll run to toilet 10min after gulp the whole cup of juice.. I'm seriously thinking to get a good juice blender when I'm back to sg.. But the one my mum own cost 2k that the juice are yummy and smooth.. Which I will never spend that money on a juice blender.. Hmp will see how

I'm going to sg this Sunday after spending my one month here.. A very fruitful month, bkk trip, work, BFF wedding prep, family time, meeting friends, preloved bazaar, and works… Go back sg will be cook, sleep and eat.. Sound boring but I'll definitely miss this kinda of life after I start work..
I've been doing freelance for 3 years!! Always amaze how God bless me with.. I'll never short of anything! Financial, projects and travels.. So blessed!

If I have a choice I'll definitely continue as a freelancer till I die haha.. Serious.. Is the best job for me.. I can work very hard if I feel hardworking, I can take day off or meet friends anytime I want.. Within this few years I've been try to do lot of different things setting one way ticket, doing conceptual shoot and set up, make up for others, commercial collaborations, mtv shooting and all.. I'll never regret this experience can never fullfill by working as a full time web designer..

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