Really busy this week!
Doing lotsa tech support for several website dealing with my web developer,interview, reverie update, design job and errands to run and family time..

Speaking of interview.. Skype interview is lot more stressful!! I'm so nervous throughout the whole session and even after the interview.. And feel sad tat I didn't do well, but good that I've a change to do a test, response is good and positive.. Thanks God!!
Is a very interesting company see wht God's plan for me

My Kai Zai! Love him so much!!
Hope he like my gift for his 1st birthday

Blog quite a lot also latest post is about Canmake new product review Glow Fleur Cheek, feel free to read k

Tml Fashion Fun Fair come meet pretty blogger! Not me.. I'm just tumpang thr.. selling my preloved items come join us k


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