BKK Haul

This trip is sponsored by hubby so he is expecting something back
haha he kept remind me to get him some clothes to attend our close friend wedding
then throughout the trip i kept telling him money not enough, stuff i brought too expensive
the last day i post in dayre saying i din buy anything to him yet..
and he felt bit sad and ask me this weekend are we free to go out to shop for his clothes
haha my hubby so cute! 
who like to prank or bully your love one like i do?
 actually i think it do help to put some spark or fun to boring daily life..
for example when im out with friends and ill tell him ill come back late 
actually im already back hiding in the room so once i hear his key opening the door 
ill close all the room light and hide at a corner and scare him
of coz sometimes i got revenge too.. 
of coz actually i brought everything he needed
i love to prank him love to see his expression and reaction..
so i put them nicely and place it on our bed as a surprise when he come home from singapore 
and he show me his happy kid face..
i enjoy buying clothes for him
he use to be those guy with tee, jean and sandal when we just got together
then i start to change his wardrobe..and become his personal stylist hehehe
and part of my hual from bkk
mostly black, white and dusty blue..

Since i got myself number of new clothes
i guess is time to sell off my preloved to make way for the new member
visit Fashion Fun Fair at Emcee Couture boutique
check out blogger pre-loved items!
im selling my at really low price~
hope to see you there~ 

6 thoughts on “BKK Haul

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