Appreciate every little things in life

Tomorrow is little haohao (my Kai Zai) birthday! Went to buy his present today with sis.. Been searching high n low in sg n bkk for a great n meaningful present for his 1 year old present but always indecisive.. Guess last min shopping always work for me.. Can't wait to see him tml n other church mate tml!

Waiting to fetch hubby who coming back to kl.. Hehe this photo look like him ornot?!? Mata sepet, big nose n rabbit teeth! Haha so ugly!

Done wrapping, get ready and off we go to party

Feel hopeless of this country, people is suffering from water supply yet stuck at home coz of haze, dirty politic people who seek for righteous put in jail, politician who flight for people right n authority got caught by police and given fault accuse, racist issue keep bring up by politician and of coz vy bad public safety (my fil told me our area which own vy strict security also got 3 house got robbed, so amazed of their skill! ) .. Haih what is Malaysia turning into?

Pray for MH370

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