Full White Outfit | Part 1

i say part one i’m not sure actually when part 2 will appear here
so no promise k
i do have the photos just my mood on blogging always swing and unstable haha worst than pms
just got back from BKK, manage to take some pictures 
call me shorty!
puffy face in the morning 
full outfit are reverie coming collection (except shoe from Singapore)
as always we sell what we wear..
many ask why no update coz i can’t find anything nice or anything i want from my supplier
this trip too not much i bring back
only those i think nice and affordable coz really really nice one are too expensive..
in case you wonder the situation there
i personally think quite safe within my days there
but obviously bkk is much quiet and less crowded

7 thoughts on “Full White Outfit | Part 1

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