Hospital with my family.. Dad going thru surgery on his shoulder.. Hope everything turn well!! God please bless him.. From a Chinese family we really don't know how to speak out n express our care to him.. Especially when we re extra closer to mummy n he had been too busy with his work n his own life throughout our childhood.. I hope my child will nvr go thru this..
But our relationship change when I got married.. Which I really Thanks God it's all started when I see him crying on my wedding day

Just now when he is pushed to the surgery room we still trying to joke around, tho I know in him he is scare n worried..
Hopefully after this he will learn to take care of his body n health
It's gonna be tough for him on the way to recovery but I know that's something God want him n us to learn..
I'll pray for you, dad..
You'll be ok!
Are that I wanted to tell him just now but no courage..

Never though he will walk me down the aisle, he's not a Christian n our broken relationship
But he did all because of the love for a daughter, thanks pa!

Speedy recovery~

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