Wake up early today after settle some work stuff, decide to cook lunch for hubby and deliver it to his office.. Since we're not celebrating so this consider a small surprise
everything planned last min so I hv to rush for grocery..
Then cook everything in 1 hour so I can reach his office on time at lunch hour.. If not he will go with his colleague as usual..then I have to eat all this thing by myself!

Rice with BBQ Pork rib, broccoli and fried egg.. With his favorite Yakult drink

So I have 30 min to reach his office then bus came supper late today I probably missed one! The mrt also take longer time to reach 😭😭 initially planned was when I reach give him a call say hey I'm downstairs (he will sure not believe) pursue him to come down and meet me then we go somewhere nearby under tree or shade eating outdoor like vy romantic like tat …

Then I got late and really worried he already going lunch with friends no choice but to call n tell him I'm coming to meet him for lunch ..n there goes my surprise.. 😦 then we found a place to eat n suddenly so windy!!!really windy till my paper fly away, Yakult poured all over!!! Hahaha epic failed!

But my hubby is easily impressed! He is happy with the food n the rib turn out really yummy.. Good! Another half waiting for him on dinner..

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