Role exchange game

Yesterday #ootd to church..
Anothe new church visit.. Only church that vy similar to ours in subang.. Feel like home again.. Of coz the most important sermon is very 严厉!which I like coz I can 自我反省..

Love this shirt from ooh and aah
But material too easy crumbled like I hv to bring iron everywhere I go..
Topshop jeans, vintage bag and watch from bkk

Yesterday we play this role exchange game.. I'll b one day of him and he take my role!
First challenge on lunch! Normally I'm the one who decide wht to eat .. So he decide which restaurant, whr to sit , wht to eat..yesterday I just kept quiet and this picture he almost went crazy.. I dunno he think I'm annoying( but I'm just acting him) hahAha

Then he asked me to take pic for him( which I always do lar) so I take lor then I hold it vy long till he paiseh ppl looking at him taking pictures then ask him smile nicely.. Pictures turn out ugly as usual.. He got annoyed too! I wonder why! Haha I'm just being his usual pattern mah!

Then I browsing thru the phone, fb, Instagram dayre for long time he got annoyed too! Coz I'm just imitating him mah!!! Hahaha.. And ya he do my part quite well coz I easily got annoy and grumpy.. Haha

Then I take picture ofhim with the food!! Turn out not nice as usual like wht he took! Haha

This game is fun tho!! We continue this till night! He hv to cook soup for dinner, being disturb in front of pc! Haha I dunno how many times he got annoyed!

Oh ya he ordered this! Toasted marshmallow with Nutella chocolate which is vy nice!!!!! And I accidentally drop the last marshmallow on the floor super clumsy like him everyday drop this n tat! Hahaha I imitated him quite well huh..

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