Our crib here in sg..
I wonder why I always start my room the with these color.. Bed here is super comfy!! Hubby brought this mattress which is vy good to me compare to our house one tat one too hard of my liking.. I seriously cannot wake up early here! Wanted to go pasar-plan failed , planning to cook breakfast for hubby -failed again and wake up to cook hot water for his chicken essence also I cannot make it! I blame u, bed!

Normally the latest I can sleep in kl is by 930 here I can sleep till xx pm haha damn fail

Cooking dinner tonight.. So no life right? Hello Friday night stay at home.. Just lazy to think wht to eat! And tml we gonna have super spicy, hot, yummy hunan cuisine so today must jaga stomach d..

Friday night activity netflix, somersby and edamame
Good night!

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