Wake up with puffy eye and face today.. Ice mask my face luckily it help abit..coz today I had important girl date with pretty @chanwon and @cathykhu

Have fun time chatting, sharing life, updating each other..
And take plenty of photos with nice lighting haha girls being girls!

Chanwon know her from blog design then blogger event.. And so happen she stay so near to my place! So I always wiling to fetch her around!
She is really cute humble yet tough girl and also a dedicate blogger..

Cathy owner of 826closet Know her from blog design too! Haha they are my client .. Then sending me sweet gifts and sponsor clothing and we went go churpout as vendor sharing booth!
Very kind n sweet girl we have many similarity! Married same year, same age, using same makeup artist for wedding @callymakeup own Blogshop ! Haha

They both own this camera super good for selfie yet natural one!! Forget wht model Liao! Chanwon who super good in sales actually really tempted me buy one coz dslr too heavy to bring out and take pictures with friends!

#ootd picture by Chanwon also hehe
Topshop shirt // light blue sweater-bkk // grey flair skirt-bkk // semi clutch-826closet // brogue-sg

So glad to meet so many girls thru blogging and blog design!! The biggest gift of blogging gave me!


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