Reunite with my sweetie! So cute but pity him la coz he was in sick mood and all moody..

Grumpy baby

Was having lunch with hubby after church.. Then come this man say vy loudly in the restaurant when we walk pass his table: eh! 那不是胡夏! *pointing at ming* haha lotsa ppl say they look alike la, but so kuangchang one is 1st time

Bonding session!! Don't worry we just parked the car and let him hold the steering wheel.. He love tat! His mummy say on our next trip back I can have him one day at my house to babysit! Cannot wait Liao! *faster go book tic*

Just had dinner with both our family! Everything turn out pretty well.. Both our parent fed well food n wine and some light chat and laughter..

We went south sea seafood at subang.. Too bad no food pic is taken coz we are so hungry!
The seafood there is best!! Super fresh and yummy!!! Bit pricey but all worth than those commercial cny package in restaurant..
Services is awesome! Food is awesome!

Next year we shall go thr for reunion dinner..

This year cny not too boring coz my parent in law who usually go travel on chu 2 drag to chu6
So we keep them accompany, movie, visit my family and some relatives!
not even a chance to take ootd!! Not that I'm so bz but becoz I'm with them all the time I'm so paiseh to take pic in front of them..

This year hot question to us! When are you gonna have ur baby!!! Being asked dunno how many times! My father keep bringing this topic infront of my relatives n in law! So stress can!

Outfit back to 娘家!I just take off the hat before on reach home..

Will be going back tml night!! So don't want to go back!!

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