Hospital with my family.. Dad going thru surgery on his shoulder.. Hope everything turn well!! God please bless him.. From a Chinese family we really don't know how to speak out n express our care to him.. Especially when we re extra closer to mummy n he had been too busy with his work n his own life throughout our childhood.. I hope my child will nvr go thru this..
But our relationship change when I got married.. Which I really Thanks God it's all started when I see him crying on my wedding day

Just now when he is pushed to the surgery room we still trying to joke around, tho I know in him he is scare n worried..
Hopefully after this he will learn to take care of his body n health
It's gonna be tough for him on the way to recovery but I know that's something God want him n us to learn..
I'll pray for you, dad..
You'll be ok!
Are that I wanted to tell him just now but no courage..

Never though he will walk me down the aisle, he's not a Christian n our broken relationship
But he did all because of the love for a daughter, thanks pa!

Speedy recovery~

Received this beautiful parcel from Canmake today!
Can't wait to try their new blusher..

Vy thankful lar.. Coz I seldom blog ppl still approach me .. 😂😂

But I really miss blogging… But just can't find initiative or ideas to blog!! How!?!?

Been sitting infront of pc solving some problem cause my itching hand!!!
Just now my vision went blue for few second.. Oh no too much of pc 😦
Finally I can go to bed now..