View from the room.. Typical Singapore scene..

Another view at least some green.. And is super windy here at my area especially at night..
I have this problem setting my hair nice nice once I step out of my room.. Room only! My hair become so messy like I nvr comb! Haha seriously coz the living room window always open..but good lar safe aircon and fan electric money…good thing abt staying in higher floor..
Back to the hair then I try to comb again

before going out once I reach downstairs hahaha seriously I cannot see the road coz my hair blocking my view..some more have to walk to bus stop.. How to have nice hairstyle like tat..good hair day oso become bad hair day..don't believe? Next time I take video prove.. Haha
I'm considering putting some hair gel or setting product haha only if it look out nice and natural!

Today Homecook Korean dinner haha cheat one prepare everything in 30min

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