Usual day routine

My normal day.. Wake up after hubby leave for work.. I promise to made him breakfast so many times but I failed! Not even 1 day I manage to wake up before him.. Haha
I'll clean the room bit before I start sitting in front of the pc whole day

Then is working routine start..
My web portfolio almost done! Can't wait!!!
Ya I transfer some of my furniture and deco props here.. I miss the rest I left behind in kl..

Around 2 I'll made my own lunch I'm so lazy to go to dapao.. So I just eat whatever, if cooking mood on I'll cook proper lunch like this if not I just eat cereal or instant noodles

After hours sitting infront of the pc I'll go downstairs for some exercise.. Lotsa simple gym machine thr so is free gym with fresh air!! Me likey..

Then I'll start cooking dinner before hubby head home or sometimes we just eat out..
I look super Aunty here!

Then is dinner time! We will watch 1episode of drama then continue work till sleep time..

So boring right? I know..hehe

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