So happy to meet friends here in sg!! Is like finally meet 同乡! Haha..

My bestie Esther, choir teacher, vocal teacher all are here last weekend! My glad to be able to meet them.. We laugh a lot and update each other with life.. We went to this nice cafe in Bishan-angmohkio park named Grub!

Happy happy gang!!
We are are connected because of music!
Then hubby is off to work we drove around in the city took some tourist shoot.. Hehe

Okie I cheat abit on the time here in dayre coz I want this friends meeting post all in one day

And met this cute girl, Rosanne my primary sch bestie twice within 1month here in sg!! 1st time was at orchard when I'm still sick but die die wanna go breath shopping air., then is last Sunday when hubby n I went downstairs for exercise..

So we spend quite some times catching up while doing exercise.. So happy to manage another 同乡haha she just staying nearby meaning we can eat dinner lunch and breakfast together

And new friend here..we can go couple date oso haha

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