Leisure saturday

Morning!! My housemate nic cook us egg Benedict! Amazing!! Hope the master chef craze in him continue! Haha..

Perfect pouched egg 🙂

Off to grocery shopping.. Later we have a small party at our place hubby colleague will come for lunch n board games.. 👏👏
Grocery shopping essential:
Canvas bag ✔️
Umbrella ✔️
Ezlink ✔️
Water ✔️
Moolah ✔️

Doing Aunty thing with hubby.. Kinda enjoy it.. Muahaha texted my mum this picture when she ask me wht I'm doing.. And she laugh at me ask "Feel like aunty or not?enjoying yr task, haha!"
I miss you mummy

My human recipe whenever I feel like cooking something or dunno wht to cook, I just call her for help.. She will teach me step by step and make sure I got it right.. I'm so glad to have acc her cooking since young.. Tho she kinda force me to help up now I know is all for my own good! And also housework she trained me to mop and clean and now I'm so OCD.. Thanks mummy!

Funtime spending with friend at home..:) board games, chill, and ps3 time..

Tonight dinner boiled old cucumber soup n vege.. Simple dinner on raining night ..:)

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