We are back in Singapore.. The elders keep asking me to stay in kl coz they think sg not suitable for me..Coz I fall sick badly here.. Can feel they really care and love me.. Coz they will always end conversation with if you still sick u have to come back!no one take care of you thr! But imma show them I'll b ok! And promise to take good care of myself

After 3visit of western doctors 2 visit of Chinese doc.. Tons of medicine I ate I still not recover fully.. Why this virus so stubborn..

New toy.. Finally change a new tablet after 6 year using the old one!!! Amazed that it can lasted me so long! If I don't accidentally spilt water on the old one it should serve me longer! Nvm 新的不去旧的不来.. Thx hubby!
The new version is so good!!! I love you Wacom!

Spend some times in the kitchen for lunch.. Garlic fried rice, steam baby potatoes and baby asparagus.. Realize I can't resist anything that is small n baby size!! The look extra yummy to me!

I really love how convenient sg is! Suddenly decide to cook dinner tonight at 630pm take a stop bus ride to fair price nearby get some chicken and vege then back home to cook.. I have 8things in my basket and only cost me 12sgd! Each are less than 2 buck only! Then am back to cook by 8 when hubby back I'm done with cooking.. Braised chicken with potatoes and tomato egg..

Just went walking in the park n some light exercise.. Hope we can do it everyday after dinner for heath and some bonding time together

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