Today marked the 9day of me being sick.. I just told hubby I forget the feeling of being heathy..
I got no more fever tho.. *Thanks God* but I still feel vy weak, tired, sleepy!
Yesterday we tried to spend some times with in law bringing them to mall, for lunch, n acc them for some work stuff.. I feel my body no longer mine! I just wanna go home asap n knock off in my bed.. But I don't dare to tell them just pretend I'm ok.. So whenever I'm in the car i straight away sleep the whole journey

I slept more than 12 hours last night.. I've got no strength to sit in front of pc at all.. all I wanna do is SLEEP! Actually planned to go out today with my friend for cafe hopping but I really got no mood n feel so tired to go out of house.. Whenever I stand my eye will. B blur n my head is so heavy!

Wht I've I turning to be?!? Pig izzit!

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