The furniture are here yesterday on Boxing Day .. We spend whole evening to assemble them.. Luckily hubby is on his year end holiday.. His angmoh company have this 1 week holiday from Christmas to new year.. So we can take our own sweet time to fix the furniture

My #ootd on Christmas Day..
Cardi //taobao
Inner turtleneck vest// twenty3
Tartan pencil skirt // Topshop
Bag // ASOS
Shoe // Taiwan

Red lipstick.. Do I look ok with it?

Oh I went crazy in this shop! Kinda settle with my cny clothes but cannot promise I'll keep them new till cny! So tempted to wear all of it..

Heading home..with fever.. AGAIN!

Went to my family doctor.. Did a blood test.. He suspect I might having dengue fever coz my I have quite low platelets in my blood.. But still need to monitor before I go stay in hospital..haha..
Tml I've a job in the morning!!!! Like early morning!!!5am hope I survive and do good job! God bless me please.. *pray hard*
Then I'll go back to do another blood test n see how it goes.. Hope it's only lung infection..

Hmph.. Thanks Singapore for the 1st 见面礼!

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