Hair appointment today! Gonna dye my hair! Should go for darker or lighter color?

Darker shade

Lighter shade

Hmph so lighter is better huh! At 76style mont kiara this round I booked for hikky
I tried Steve, mid valley(2times) then Amy, bangsar (2 times), yoshi and now hikky! Haha almost all I tried then only I decide which stylist should I stick with.. ( super fussy customer huh)

Don't even care to selfie after the dye tho I like it vy much!! Coz I'm staving!! Grab something from Korea market next to the saloon and stuck in jam for 1 hour… Hungry die me

Refill my printer ink and accidentally spread it all over my hand!! Both hand!! This picture taken when I already wash and scrub it with Tina water and all kinda soap.. No use at all!!

So google 'how to wash off ink stain from hand' and try a few method only 1 that work!
Use hair spray! Spray it on the stain and let it dry and stand for a while then wash off with water and it work!! Really.. I know might not be useful coz nobody will be so clumsy as me..

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