Tomorrow gonna b my last day teaching!!! Today presentation was better than I expected!! Tho this class have some really lazy student who give me lotsa problem but most of them manage to come out with the final assignment I assigned to them !! Each of them can now develop their own website from Scratch! Feel satisfied and mission complete!!

Tomorrow will be presentation for my favorite class hope they dun disappointed me too.

If I still staying here teaching will definitely continue teaching

Am gonna try sleep now..
Tml super hectic schedule

5am // make up and props arrangement in Owt studio #onewayticket

7am// go home and get ready for class

9-12// Web Design class

1pm// back to shoot in kl

4pm// back to studio for studio shoot

8pm// dinner

10pm// submit project

And I'm off Wednesday onwards!!!!! I don't care work will resume in Singapore! (Tho I doubt so..)
I'm gonna start packing and officially move our stuff down to SG this weekend liao..

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