The Good Batch | Damansara Utama

The Good Batch
love to discover new cafe in town..

the trend now rustic, vintage and raw deco for cafe interior design

date of the day! we manage to squeeze in 2 hour for brunch before another project start on saturday
been 2 month we have proper date no?
Love The Norwegian: poached eggs with smoked salmon, onion confit & capsicum, complemented by house-made lemon hollandaise sauce on lightly toasted bread
\\ i don’t really like Egg Benedict but i love this version from TGB! \\
Banana Nutella puff, perfectly paired with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream
\\ i found it too sweet of our liking.. if you like nutella then you will love this..! we prefer fat spoon cempedak popoah \\

too bad we our work place offered dinner if not we gonna try other food too..

im not a coffee person but i fall in love with latte on my last visit to Garage51
and start my love story with coffee..
they are equally good~

personally love this cafe definitely will go back to try other food and is really crowded in the weekend..
lady boss is really friendly too!

any nice cafe recommendation??

22 thoughts on “The Good Batch | Damansara Utama

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