Dentist day

Went to dentist this morning.. Torturing 1 hour for me..and my upper lip and nose feeling really numb but I'm hungry how to eat lunch like this..:(
The doc ask me to go for braces because of my one n only I-think-not-so-obvious "tiger teeth".. Hmp I guess no.. And take it as unnecessary , she just wanna earn my money.. Haha

Got nicer ornot??.. Money fly away also.. Did X-ray screening where my tiger teeth located, yearly cleansing, filling cost me rm540..

Vain picture today..This expression when selfie half way got gastric pain.. Haha I wonder why I still bother click snap
Been having gastric on and off this 2 weeks again.. Haih why my body got so many problem from head to toe..First is neck and shoulder I go thru chiropractic treatment seems to be recovering..Then my teeth and then gastric. I'm gonna start exercise and eat healthy beside looking for job in Singapore, promise myself.
**oh I'm wearing brown lashes here my current favorite

This app is simply amazing and addictive! Thanks for following!

This is the brown lashes I mention! Super love! Is very natural coz I don't like drama lashes and.. I normally only use end part for my eye so it give natural curve..:)

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