Last day of week will be presentation of their final assignment also my result card to see whether my teaching ok for them to adsorb ornot..

I found my love! Actually long time ago feel like sharing it coz I've replenish my 3rd cleanser with the same brand!! Never do this before.. Really! Coz I love trying love product especially nice packaging.. But this obviously do not come with nice packaging but it's really good! Now my hubby is using it my sis using it they all love it as I do.. I rmb my friend told me this product do not do any marketing or advert..

And too bad Vichy have moved out from Malaysia market now we can only buy from Bangkok or Singapore (nearest) I got mine from hongkong and another 2 from Bangkok .. Bangkok sell it at cheaper price so I got my toner and moisturizer there too! Honestly I really like product, the cleanser I'm using for anti-imperfection and rejuvenating care I feel very refreshing after face wash and instant brighter skin tone coz it remove dead cell and excess oil! My pore have become tighten after 1 year using

Outfit for sourcing day in mall! I do sourcing for shoot, deco and outfit.. Maybe why I love my job in Owt coz i get to shop on ppl behalf

Wearing blazer from @joyceHELoi simple tank top and jeans

#todaymumcook lunch miso macaroni and mix fruit juice

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