My awesome home cook!

8 hour of non stop teaching! I'm half dead!

Okie today i wanna dedicate this post to my awesome mum!
She is a very good cook!! I think she really enjoy cooking tho she still nag when she cook but she will still cook for us the next day.. Hehe

Clam aglio olio! Coz we always order this in the restaurant so she got envy of the chef and decided to come with her own version to impress us!!! Hahahah

And she really did!! So much nicer!!! Coz is so spicy she blend lemon smoothie to cool us down..

She cook everyday.. Breakfast and sometimes lunch and dinner is a must.. I started to treasure her cook when I enter uni and treat it even more precious when I got married!! No one can fight her home cook if she go Masterchef she sure win one!! Haha
When hubby first come to our house for dinner he is so impress!

Seriously he look like this when he taste the food! And he secretly told me like a you ppl eat in restaurant everyday! Everything is so yummy! He should have told my mum tat time so my mum will like him more! Haha ..

She insisted a cup of freshly blend fruit juice in the morning for all of us before breakfast, simple lunch and a hearty 3 dish 1soup dinner.

So shame that I seldom take picture of my mum dishes coz we are too bz to dig in whenever the food place on the dining table!
I always wanted to shoot a video of her how she cook.. Perhaps a YouTube channel for her.. But she always say kitchen not nice la, so rush la.. Shy la.. Haha maybe ill do it when she move to her new house!

I love you mama! I'll miss you even more in sg!! 😭😭😭


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